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Brand: Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs

For Installation and Use Instructions, as well as Troubleshooting and other helpful Information, please visit our knowledge base at
If you need any more help, please use the customer service page at the top of the screen to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I buy these products?

You are currently on our web store, this is the place.
Click on the product you want to buy -> Click on the "Add To Cart" button next to the picture of the item -> When you are finished picking out items, Click on the "Proceed To Checkout" button, which can be found by going to your Cart in the upper right corner.  Enter your shipping and billing information then click "Complete Checkout" and your items will be made and shipped to you.

Where can I find manuals?

From RasBox

What do I need to do for grill setup?

Simply remove all packaging, follow the included assembly instructions, and attach the hose to your grill and to your gas source.  For more information about installation, see this installation manual section of RasBox.

For built in grills, cut out dimensions are available on each grill's page in the description.  Use this information for you or your contractor to properly size your outdoor kitchen to accommodate the grill.  Built in grills are designed to just slip into place and can be connected by 4 bolts.  Because of this, built in grills can be easily upgraded to cart or post models.

To start your grill, turn the knob to the high position and press the igniter button until gas ignites (you should hear a sound and/or see flame).  Note: be careful if the gas does not ignite after pressing the button for 10 seconds and turn off the gas.  Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute before turning the gas on again and holding the button down.  If no ignition occurs, gas is just building up in the grilling area, and if it suddenly does ignite, all of it will ignite, which will create a brief fireball above the grilling area which will likely singe hairs and possibly cause burns.   Waiting after failed ignitions allows that gas time to dissipate and reduces the chances of such fireballs occurring.

What do I need to do to clean my grill?

At a minimum, when you are finished cooking and have removed all food from the grill, turn the burners to high for 5 minutes.  After this burnoff time, use a wire brush or one of our grid scrapers to remove char and food debris from the grates.  Remove and clean drip trays periodically; how often depends on how often you use your grill.

If you want to be thorough and keep your grill good looking for as long as possible, make sure to wipe down the stainless steel on the inside of the grill with a paper towel after the grill has cooled.  Using grease cleaners like 409 can be helpful.  The main area of concern is the back of the grilling area.  Make sure to wipe down that area to remove the char that tends to build up there and the back wall as grease tends to slowly build up back there over time.  The area under the grates by the burners can be wiped down as well, but these areas aren't really seen and most of what falls down there is either burned away or caught by the drip tray.

For the outside of the grill, most stainless steel cleaner will work.  Clean as often as you like to desired shine.  If you own a grill cover, you will need to clean the outside of your grill much less.

For more information, see these two posts about Maintaining Your Grill & Cleaning Already Dirty Grills

What are some recipes I can use for cooking on the grill?

You can take a look at our Great Grilling Simplified pdf here to give you some examples and ideas.

How long does it usually take for my item to get to me?

The time it takes an item to reach you depends on the item.
Usually a smaller item will ship same day if ordered before 2pm Pacific time on a weekday and will reach you within 1-5 business days in the continental US depending on how far away you are from our facility in southern California.
A larger item we manufacture like a grill can take between 3-10 days to be made before being shipped out depending on our current workload if the item is not already manufactured and in stock, and 1-5 days to ship to you once it's finished.  In total it takes between 1 day-2 weeks depending on a lot of factors for larger items, generally the more out of season the item is, the more likely we have it already in stock instead of needing to be manufactured prior to shipping.  Our business is growing, so mid season (late spring-summer for grills, fall-winter for gas log and hearth products) we are likely to have used up our existing stock and are making everything to order at those times of year and your order may be delayed by a few days.
Bromic heaters, accessories, and parts are already made and packaged and only need shipping time to reach their destination.

What is the shipping cost?

Orders over $200 get free ground shipping and will ship by truck if large enough or by either UPS ground or Amazon Shipping if truck shipment is not necessary.  Orders under $200 cost $5 to ship and are usually sent by UPS ground or if small enough your item may be sent via the USPS or Amazon Shipping.
Additional faster shipping options may be purchased such as 2nd day shipping or next day air shipping, but the cost of these will vary depending on item and location and may be checked from the shopping cart by clicking on "Estimate Shipping & Tax" if a zip code and state are entered.  Tax is only applied to orders shipping to the state of California.

Where can I find Dimensions?

On every product page dimensions are listed either for the product itself or the fireplace dimensions needed for log sets.

Where can I find warranty information?

On each products' page under the description, there is a warranty tab that you can click on.  If no tab is there, that item likely does not have a warranty.  For more information, please go to