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How Does The Solaire Infrared Grill Compare to a Salamander Grill Like The Otto Grill?

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A "Salamander" or "Cheese Melter" grill is a type of infrared grill where the burner is above the food and cooks top down.  It's able to provide a quick sear and in theory only apply the direct heat without any indirect heat.  Unfortunately it lacks some qualities compared to a more traditional infrared grill.

First and most noticeably it provides 0 bar marks since there's nothing between the burner and the food, which instantly makes your food lose visual appeal and reduces some of the texturing effects.

Second, you lose out on the flavoring effects from the v-shaped grates and the burner's interplay.  When the juices hit the burner they quickly evaporate and become flavor enhancing vapor and improve the taste of the food.  The v-shaped grates also control the amount of juice that drips down below, preventing as much of the juice from leaving the food and dripping down below and making a more even and continuous flavor enhancing effect.

The 5 minute burn off performed after each grilling session eliminates the disadvantage of debris falling onto the burner, cleaning the burner with the high heat.

Finally there's the issue of price since these grills tend to be more expensive than our portable grills by a factor of at least 2.  They require more material to make since the burner needs to be on top of a space and they tend to be much heavier and less portable despite needing to either be outside or under a vent.

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Free Cover with the Purchase of Any Backyard Solaire Grill for All of May 2019

May is National Grilling Month, and to celebrate, we're giving away a cover for free when you buy any Backyard grill, including the 21, 21XL, 27, 27XL, 30, 36, 42, 56, or 56T.We have covers for all grill types, including our built in grills, so this promotion applies to every single configuration whether it's a [...]

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How to Prevent Any Online Order From Being Cancelled

Sometimes orders on web stores get cancelled or delayed and it isn't always clear why.  Some people will contact the website, but many will not and never figure out the answer. The big reason why any online order would be cancelled is suspected fraud.  Believe it or not, even small stores have to deal with [...]

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Why are the Solaire Grates V Shaped?

The V shape of the Solaire grates is almost as important as the infrared burner for making Solaire grills great.  Its effect on the grill is twofold.  First of all it catches juices that are released from food as it is grilled and keeps a lot of it next to the food.  Instead of falling [...]

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Can You Use Fans & Blowers To Get More Heat From Gas Log Sets?

Fireplaces act as a heater, but unfortunately they are not the most efficient at heating.  For vented sets, the chimney needs to vent the byproducts of combustion and the better it is at venting, the worse it is at heating.  For vent-free sets, the flame isn't going to be as strong and is already at [...]

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Can You Convert a Gas Log Set from One Gas Type to Another?

No.  The set has to be fitted for the correct gas type before shipping because in most cases the burner for each gas type is a completely different burner.  With grills or heaters, it's as simple as changing the orifice and the hose, but with a gas log set, it's asking for a completely new [...]

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Our Brief Experiment with Big Commerce's Optimized One Page Checkout Has Ended, We've Returned to Our Old Checkout

Some of you may have noticed, but we recently ran an experiment using a different checkout than usual for the past week.  We did this because it 1) allowed us to offer amazon pay as a checkout option and had a direct link to paypal credit instead of indirect through paypal, 2) allowed us to [...]

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Does cracking ever occur with Gas Logs or FireBalls?

If the temperature in the fireplace is too low when the fireplace is turned on, cracking is possible.  Fortunately our gas logs are reinforced with steel rods to keep the same functionality and keep everything together, but other products, not so.  Cracking is not too common, but it the chance of it happening is there.Unfortunately [...]

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What Is The Difference Between Vented & Vent-Free Fireplace Sets?

What makes the difference between a vented and vent free set?  Does one require a special fireplace?  What can I do with one that I can't with the other?  Vented and Vent free sets have their differences but first, let's talk about what is similar about them.  Both Vented and Vent-Free sets require a fireplace [...]

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Is Infrared Only Good for Searing or Can You Cook with Infrared Alone?

Infrared cooking uses direct heat and high temperatures to cook food hot and fast, but is that a strength or a weakness?  Many would have you believe the infrared burner is only for finishing, it can only cook the outside, it's too hot, or whatever other nonsense just to sell you a more expensive burner [...]

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