Cobalt Blue FireGlitter Glass, 10 lbs - Item #GLX-CB

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Brand: ALTERNA Contemporary Gas Fires
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Cobalt Blue FireGlitter Glass

  • Vented burner topper (CS or CXF). 1" thick over sand or volcanic ash is sufficient to mask the color beneath. Place FireBalls, FireShapes or FireStones on top to complete the look
  • Place around a set to reflect the flickering flame and to provide an additional design element
  • Use in an outdoor fire pit
  • Use as a decorative outdoor landscape feature


FireGlitter Glass has many uses as an accent and design element. Flame reflecting off of these elements create a dynamic flicker. When cold, it is a design element, in both color and shape, all by itself. When used with FireBalls, FireShapes or FireStones, you have created a complete look. FireGlitter is tempered for long-term heat consumption and tumbled to eliminate sharp edges. It will not melt, degrade, or emit toxic fumes.



Ships from southern California via UPS.


FireGlitter glass cannot be returned to us once they have been burned. If the glass has not been used, it can be returned to us within 30 days. See Return Policy Details