Why are the Solaire Grates V Shaped?

The V shape of the Solaire grates is almost as important as the infrared burner for making Solaire grills great.  Its effect on the grill is twofold.  First of all it catches juices that are released from food as it is grilled and keeps a lot of it next to the food.  Instead of falling down below, it is kept near your food and when it evaporates from the heat, it will evaporate onto your food, adding some small flavor.  Most importantly it extends the life of the burners by keeping juices off of it.  The high heat of the burner incinerates most of what falls down below, but by keeping much of it from falling below, it helps keep the ceramic pores from getting clogged or damaged by being overwhelmed with juices.  The V shaped grates not only help improve the food, but they make the burners last longer.