What are the advantages of using a Bromic remote switch over installing my own wall switch?

The Bromic On/Off switch can cost too much for some on top of the heater price and one could try using an alternative solution.  Instead of buying the Bromic On/Off switch, one could have a light switch installed that serves the same function of powering the heaters when flipped on.  While a person would save on cost, this does not come without drawbacks.  

The 1st drawback is the switch itself.  A 30 amp switch is required, which may or may not be available at a local hardware store as they tend to only carry up to 20 amps.  The cost is not much more, so ordering from the internet would eliminate this as a problem.  The other drawback is that the electrician would have to install a gangbox nearby the heaters and run the wire from there to a switch, which by nature the box would have to be close to your heaters and possibly in sight of guests.  Finally, a simple switch is nothing but simple.  If you leave your heaters on and forget to turn off your switch, they stay on and waste electricity and/or gas.  There's nothing programmed to shut off the heater after a certain amount of time.

The advantages of the Bromic On/Off switch counter all of those disadvantages other than price.  The On/Off switch can be ordered along side heaters, preventing unnecessary searching for other parts.  The other advantage is that receiver box for the remote can be installed away from the heater and out of sight, or if necessary to be in sight of guests, the housing was meant to have a decent looking appearance not unlike the heaters themselves.  The remote works up to 100 feet away from the receiver box through walls, ceilings, and roofs.  It can be placed in a separate room or inside an attic or wherever as long as it's wired to heaters and the remote is used within the wide radius.  Finally, the On/Off switch comes pre-programmed to shut down after a certain amount of time and can be custom programmed to shut down in hours, minutes, and seconds.  This can be done by pressing 3 buttons on the inside of the remote; however, it is not recommended you touch these at all without contacting Bromic technical support, as touching any of them will reset the default programming.  With technical support's help, they can direct you how to program timed shutdown to specific values and help set up the remotes.

While installing a switch instead of the manufacturer made accessory can save money, it may not be the best choice for all.  Both options have simplicity of operation, whether it's a push of a button or a flick of a switch, but the Bromic On/Off switch's capabilities go beyond the 3rd party switch's.  For some, the advantages of the remote control will outweigh the disadvantage of cost.