What are the advantages of a Bromic Heater aside from looks?

Aside from good looks and design uniformity between gas and electric, Bromic heaters have higher wind ratings than other heaters, they use less gas, and they project more heat over a bigger area than competitors.

Most people tend to get uncomfortable outdoors when the wind blows somewhere between 5-10 miles per hour.  The Tungsten can provide the same heating effect at 8 miles per hour of wind and the Platinum can do the same at 13 miles per hour of wind.  While competitor's heaters will blow out or no longer provide good heat, Bromics will keep going.  This is because Bromics don't heat the air, they use direct heat like standing in sunlight provides.  Also the design of the heaters helps prevent wind from affecting the burners.  The Platinum goes further than the tungsten with the glass plate blocking the majority of wind from getting to the burners and thus has a higher wind rating.

Bromic heaters also use less gas per area than competitors.  Infrared burners are efficient in their use of gas and create more heat than other methods.  Because of this, you will need less heaters per area and will save on gas cost.

This leads into the last point: Bromic heaters project more heat over a larger area.  The direct heat from infrared reaches further than other heaters.  300 series heaters heat an area of 160 square feet and 500 series heaters heat an area of 215 square feet, both directly in the area in front of the heater.  Where one area might require 6 heaters from a competitor, Bromic could require 3.  On average, less Bromic heaters are needed to be installed in an area than a competitor's heater.