I need to replace an ODS-ROP or an ODS-OP and I can't find it. Where can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately the ODS-ROP-N, ODS-ROP-P, ODS-OP-N, & ODS-OP-P are no longer made by the manufacturer and if the item is no longer on our website, it means we do not have that specific part anymore nor a way to obtain more.

However, we do have replacement ODS pilots for these models with the RCN & CN pilots.  Unfortunately they are not exact fit replacements and you will need to cut the fitting off of the existing pilot tube to install the replacement ODS pilot.

See below for links to replacements for these items:

ODS-ROP-N is replaced with ODS-RCN-N
ODS-ROP-P is replaced with ODS-RCN-P

ODS-OP-N is replaced with ODS-CN-N
ODS-OP-P is replaced with ODS-CN-P