Can I Plug My Bromic Heater into a Wall Outlet?

Unfortunately no.  A wall outlet is typically 110 Volts, while Bromic heaters require 220 Volts.  The other reason it cannot be plugged into a wall outlet is because these heaters do not include a plug.

In order to use one of these patio heaters, you will likely need the assistance of an electrician to outfit your house or business with the proper wiring and connect the heaters to your source of electricity.  More detailed information about Volts, Watts, and Amps can be found on each product's page and with information included with the heaters.  Please pass this information along to your electrician so he can help advise the proper heater for you to purchase.

Bromic heaters are intended to be more a permanent feature and less of a temporary heating solution.  If the idea of having to call an electrician for these heaters is off putting, the Tungsten Portable does not require any specialized knowledge and only needs to be hooked up to a propane tank and have a working battery in the spark igniter.  Also, it should go without saying, but they can be placed anywhere you wheel them and moved freely.