Bromic Heat Deflectors: What do they do & Why do I need them?

The heat deflector is often overlooked by people. These Bromic heat deflectors might seem like a useless couple of pieces of metal at first glance.  One might think that they can't do much to improve one's heater, surely these will not be necessary.  Although that can be the initial reaction, the benefits of this accessory number higher than you think and might even be something unexpected.

The first thought when one sees a heat deflector tends to be a question about how effective this is at making the area you want to heat warmer.  It's easy to see why some might think this because it's in the name after all.  It should be for deflecting more heat towards my guests.  Actually, while this does happen to a minor degree, this is not the main way heat is deflected by the heat deflector.

The heat deflector's main way of deflecting heat is less about moving more of it towards guests, but more about deflecting heat away from the ceiling.  Having a heat deflector allows the owner to install the heater closer to ceiling and reduces the heat on where the heater is installed.  Much of the heat that normally escapes upward is trapped by the deflector and instead of affecting the building behind the heater, more of it is kept where it's meant to go.  Because of this, it poses less of a heat hazard to combustible materials and the heater can be installed twice as close at 14 inches of clearance instead of 36.  This gives your guests more overhead clearance while also possibly keeping them from getting overheated by the heater being too close and making them more comfortable.

The deflector also has a small side effect of keeping rain and debris from reaching the heater from above.  Instead of reaching the burner, the deflector will catch most things that fall from above and better protect the burners.  This will allow the heaters to stay operating as best as they can in most conditions and help keep your guests comfortable in conditions they might not normally have been able to.

Buying a heat deflector for your heater can not only improve the ability of the heater, but also improve the look of the area and help increase the amount of comfort your guests have while under them.