Non-Whistling Fireplace Flex Connectors, 3/8" - Item #SSCB

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Brand: Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs
$34.00 - $57.00
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Flexible Stainless Steel Fireplace Connector Tubes

  • Non-Whistling design
  • Black Painted to make less visible
  • 3/8" flare nuts on both sides (do not use teflon tape or pipe thread compound on flare fittings)
  • Connect two tubes with Flare Union Item #A8


The varying crinkle pattern breaks up the turbulence that causes a whistling noise out the burner at the flow and pressure of gas log sets when a connector with a uniform crinkle is used. As a result, these flex connector tubes are much quieter than usual fireplace connectors.



Ships from southern California via UPS.


This flex tube can be returned to us within 30 days. See Return Policy Details