Bromic Anti-Nest Screen for Platinum 500 Gas Heaters

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Brand: Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters
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Anti-Nest Screen for Bromic Platinum 500 Gas Heaters

  • Prevents birds from nesting inside the heater and causing damage to the heater.
  • Provides a barrier at top of heater while still allowing the exhaust gas and flames to vent

  • Slips in and stays in by friction and gravity, no tools required

  • Please Note: You will still need to be diligent to ensure that birds do not nest on top of the screen. Nothing else can be placed on this screen as a deterrent, as it must remain open for the free flow of exhaust gases when the heater is operating.


Only fits the Platinum 500 Gas Heater model



Ships from southern California via UPS.


This item can be returned to us within 30 days. See Return Policy Details