TimberFire (PH) Logs Only

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Brand: Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs
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Rasmussen TimberFire Logs

  • Choice of 14 Set Sizes from 18" - 96"
  • LOGS ONLY - does not include burner, grate or anything other than the logs
  • Large scale sets for large fireplaces
  • 18, 24, & 30 are usable with the F, FX, LC, CS, & CXF burners
  • 24X, 30X and larger are intended for use with LD burners

Multiple piece front log. Intended for use with LC burner (18", 24", & 30") and LD burner (24X, 30X and larger sets). PH24X and PH30X through PH96 logs do not include a rear log due to the design of the LD Burner. Order rear log if using log set on FX, CS or CXF burners. Rasmussen uses real pieces of wood to develop our log patterns and a painstaking molding process to reproduce the finest detail. Rasmussen uses a high-heat resistant, high-alumina refractory cement with a maximum temperature rating of over 2300 degrees F, lightweight expanded clay aggregates and rigid steel rod reinforcing for strength and durability. All of Rasmussen’s logs are hand colored with a multi-step (up to six colors) process utilizing environmentally-friendly non-paint-based ceramic colorations, which remain colorfast under fire, and which do not create any odor when burned.



Ships from southern California via UPS. Log sets are made to order, so please allow at least 7 days before it ships. Feel free to contact us after this lead time for a status update on your log set if it has not been marked as shipped yet.


Log sets cannot be returned to us once they have been burned. If the set has not been used, it can be returned to us within 30 days. See Return Policy Details