EIS-N135 Electronic Pilot On Demand System [Discontinued]

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Brand: Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs

EIS-N135 Electronic Ignition System

  • Instead of a standing pilot that continuously burns, this system creates a pilot when it is told to turn on
  • Can be used with home automation systems
  • 165,000 max BTU/hr
  • 1/2" inlet x 1/2" outlet
  • Natural Gas Only


EIS Pilot on demand system for log sets that are 30" or smaller. 120V AC powered, stepped down to 24V by the included transformer. No gas modulation control; requires manual valve at burner to control flame height. Intended for newer constructions as there is no housing for these components, it will need to be wired, and this system is intended to be installed outside of the firebox in an adjacent vault or enclosure which will likely need to be built. Only the pilot with the orange wire and tube connecting to it will be inside the firebox.



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