Custom Pan Burner - CS30

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Brand: Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs
$419.00 - $1,990.00
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CS30 Fireplace Pan Burner

  • Includes: Pan Filler, Ember/Vermiculite Mix, Flexible Non-Whistling Flex Connector Kit, Fitting for 1/2" Gas Supply, Damper Clamp, & Instructions
  • Can be used with either Natural Gas or Propane
  • 12 Lighting Control Options


The Rasmussen Custom Pan Burner is a rectangular fireplace pan burner which can be installed on the strap legs or flush on the floor. The CS burner is well suited for Uniform FireBalls, Mixed FireBalls, FireStones, FireShapes, FireGlitter, and Gas Logs. Use volcanic ash (available separately) poured around the burner to create a pit look.

For more information about Lighting Control Options please click on the link.



Free Shipping. Ships from southern California via UPS. Gas log burners may take a few days to manufacture. If your fireplace burner has not been marked as shipped after 1 week, please feel free to contact us for an update on your burner.


CS30 Burners can be returned to us within 30 days. See Return Policy Details


Minimum Fireplace Dimensions 

30" Match Lit CS30 Burner
Front Width 36"
Rear Width 31"
Depth 14"


30" Standing Pilot CS30 Burner
Front Width 42"
Rear Width 34"
Depth 14"


30" Valve Vanisher CS30 Burner
Front Width 34"
Rear Width 34"
Depth 14"