Heat Deflector for 3 Burner Tungsten Gas Heaters

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Brand: Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters
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Heat Deflector for Tungsten 300 Gas Heaters

  • Allows the heater to be installed with less overhead clearance to a ceiling
  • Provides more heat
  • Helps protect from weather and debris
  • Item #BR-DEFTNG3


Curved metal plates which attach to the top of the Bromic heater. The heat deflector is recommended for all installations as it protects the burners from rain and focuses into the heating area the residual heat that escapes from the top of the heater. The deflector also reduces the clearance to combustible material above the heater to 14-inches from 36-inches. This Bromic heater deflector has a black coating that matches the appearance of the Tungsten Gas Heaters. It is compatible with the Tungsten 3-burner Bromic gas heater.



Ships from southern California via UPS.


The Bromic heater deflector can be returned to us within 30 days. See Return Policy Details