Carrying Bag for Solaire Mini Infrared Grills - Item #SOL-8-11

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Brand: Solaire Infrared Grills
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Carrying Bag for the Solaire Mini Grill

  • Fits grill and up to 2 small propane bottles
  • Conveniently carry the grill while freeing your hands
  • Helps keep grill clean when not in use


Small black bag with Solaire logo on it and pockets on the outside for carrying up to two 1 lb propane bottles. Useful not only for freeing up space in your hands to help you carry more, but also useful for storage purposes to help keep the grill free of dust.

Note: make sure to clean your grill before storing it in the carrying bag or grease and debris may dirty the inside of the bag. Treat your grill how you would treat a frying pan or any other cooking surface after it's been cooked on and wipe down the insides with a paper towel or cloth.



Ships from southern California via UPS.


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