Grilling Grate (smaller) for 42" & 56" Solaire Grills - Item #SOL-6013R

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Brand: Solaire Infrared Grills
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Smaller Replacement V-Channel Grilling Grate for 42" & 56" Solaire Grills

  • Single piece construction
  • Stainless Steel


This cooking grate works with the Solaire 42" & 56" Grills. It does not work with any other grill as it either does not fit or it is unnecessary for other grill types. Make sure to clean your grates after use by doing the 5 minute burn off after cooking (leave the burners on high for 5 minutes after pulling your food off the grill) and using a grid scraper or wire brush to remove debris.

Replacing all grates of the 42" or 56" grills requires purchasing 1 of this item and 2 of 6004R.
(this grate is not used in 56T grills).



  42" & 56" Grate
Length 19"
Width 11 3/4"
Cooking Grids 12



Ships from southern California via UPS.


The Solaire grill grate can be returned to us within 30 days. See Return Policy Details

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