Adjustable Black Foot (1 each) for Solaire Portable Grills - Item #SOL-1717R

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Brand: Solaire Infrared Grills
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Adjustable foot for Solaire Portable Grills

  • Screws into the bottom of the grill
  • Can be hand screwed or used with an alan key or wrench if screwed in too tight
  • Price is for one (1) foot

For Solaire Anywhere IR17B/IR17M serial #17-005997 and greater, Everywhere EV17A, Mini IR8A, and AllAbouts AA23A/AA12A. Black plastic foot with bolt connection to screw into the bottom of the anywhere, everywhere, allabout, or mini grill. The bolt on these grill feet uses US threads and not metric.


Ships from southern California via UPS.


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